Sweet Sponsor Suite for 2015/16 CX Season!

We are extremely excited to announce our partners for the 2015/16 cx season!

First of all, Foxtrot Wheel & Edge is stepping up as our title sponsor, so we will now be RapidRacing prepared by Foxtrot Wheel & Edge. We are incredibly appreciative of JD and Dana's support and belief in us.

We also want to welcome Wesley and ProBike Express. We've known Wesley for years and his service is incredible. We're psyched to formalize our relationship going forward!

Rich from Fluid has been with us from the inception of our team and we really appreciate his continuing faith and enthusiasm! Plus, his Performance and Recovery products are the best we've tried.

American Classic is another 'charter sponsor', as they've believed in us from the start as well. We continue to have success and reliable performance from all their wheels (10 pair on Boni bikes alone!) and love working with Ellen and Cody.

Finally, we are very happy to have Runa and YogaPod returning for another year. We love their products and positioning and in both cases, feel like the more we have, the better off we'll be!