The Vitos and the UCI weekend

CX Cup and Boulder Cup.
So Errin and I showed up for her race before the sun rose on Saturday morning.  It definitely felt more like a “cross” day with the temperatures hovering around 32 degrees.  The course is always a good one for me with not much elevation change and fast corners where I can carry more speed and use my bike handling.  We were surprised to be presented with a course that had more sand sections than any other course in my past 3 years of racing.  Good thing I’ve been running hills every week, I thought.

Errin raced first and had a fantastic race taking the first Rapid Racing podium for the day in 3rd.  Immediately afterward I went off from a first row starting position and stayed with the front group for the first lap.  I was passed by a few people and ended up in the 1st chase group ending up taking 13th.  It was a good race as I finally could push hard without my back gremlins bugging me.

Off to the next day and Errin had another great race pushing hard the whole way taking 3rd behind some really fast juniors racing this weekend.  I ended up in 22nd after a good race but suffering up the long climb after the front straight.  The only place I was passed was on the way up this climb and then I would make up ground on the bike handling and flatter sections!!  Guess I know what I need to work on!!

It was a great weekend of racing and the fit and ease of putting on the Verge skin suits was awesome!!  We were really happy to not have to do the skin suit awkward dance trying to put our arms in them.  Off to the next race and improving every weekend!!