First Few Weeks...Rob

The 2014 Colorado cross season is now in full effect, with the first two weekends of racing already in the books; the first race on September 7th, followed the next weekend by two big races in Boulder. With dry courses and fresh legs, I have managed relatively decent results so far, mid-pack finishes in both 45+ and 35,3, qualifying as acceptable for me in cyclocross.

I am coming into this season little sense of my cycling form. My riding has been fairly typical for me, including one quality day per week and the remainder consisting of bike commuting. After a relatively bad result in the Lookout Mountain Hill Climb in August, my only bike race of the spring/summer, I have come to realize and accept that I need more rest days as I get older, so I am now taking two days a week off the bike, doing easy jogging on the treadmill instead. Combining running with cycling to prepare for the triathlon season left my legs a little beat up, so I had to cut back on my already minimal running program to get right for cross season.

At the first cross race in Castle Rock, last minute mechanical issues prior to the start of the race sent me straight to the pit for a bike swap on the first lap due to a loose shifter. Well off the back at that point and riding my old-school heavy aluminum frame “B” bike, I was grateful for the pit support from my wife with help from Kristal in getting my “A” carbon frame bike ready for the next lap. Unfortunately, the bumpy downhill sections on the otherwise fun course were too much for my poorly adjusted front derailer, and I dropped the chain on almost every lap, until on my 4th chain drop I gave up on the “A” bike and jogged it back to the pit for my “B” bike to finish the race.

Rob closing in on another victim. Photo: RapidRacing

The following week at the Boulder Cup, I completed 58 minutes of racing without a mechanical, crash, or flat tire, which is fairly atypical for me in cyclocross. I am taking this weekend off due to off-the-bike commitments, but plan to be back in the game for the Flatirons race on September 28th, hopefully with my new Unovelo cross rig ready for action, having conceded that I need all the equipment advantages I can afford.