First Few Weeks…Kristal

It's CX Season!! Whoohoo! I'm really excited for our expanded team (up to 8 members!) and to see old friends again. 

Kick It CX

With the new schedule this year, we are out allll day long. Our son Nick races at 9:00 and I go at 3:30. In between Cate "races" (it's not a race mom) around Noon. Unfortunately Carl is out for a bit with a knee injury so he is playing super teammate by pitting and cheering. However, since we are there all day we get to watch our teammates and friends race!

While cheering on our teammate Colin, Cate snapped this shot of Errin.

One of my favorite parts of the day, taking our Junior team, Cate, around in her Pre-J event.

the Castlerock venue is always done well. John Haley puts so much work and love into the course and he nailed it again this year. Being the first race of the season I had a lot of cobwebs to shake out. My start was mediocre, I think I forgot how fast the start is! I didn't feel too bad on the runup (a bit of running in my training has paid off). I was racing pretty okay but I dropped my chain going into a little hill and had to stop to pull it back on. Then I dropped it again, but fortunately near the pit since it was really stuck and I had to run. So the race was a mixed bag, but a decent start to the season. 

US Open of CX/Boulder Cup

Starting the season off with a bang! Other than States, this is the biggest weekend of local racing! I've been pretty nervous about this weekend since it was announced last year. I'm not on my A game this early and last year I had terrible races at these 2 events. However, I was hopeful that things would go better since I've been training more consistently with the help of my new coach, Grant Holicky. 

Boulder Res Sand. photo: ShotWilliam

Saturday's race at the Boulder Res was pretty typical. A combo of bumpy grass and a lot of sand. Fortunately, over the course of the day the sand had become completely rideable. I had a decent start and was riding pretty well. On the 4th lap coming back onto the pavement my rear wheel came out of the drops and my brake rotor was bent so the wheel wouldn't turn. Sooo, I had a long run to the pits. Fortunately, I've been running a bit so it wasn't as awful as it could have been. But by the time I got to the pits, the leader was coming around so I knew I would finish up the last 1/2 lap and be done. I felt good but had unfortunate luck.

Sunday took us to Valmont. The course was pretty much the same as last year which included a couple of steep ups and downs. This was the course that I suffered hard on last year so I had a score to settle. Again, I had a decent start and over all felt good, for early season. My result won't show it but I had fun and I'm getting back into the groove.

The Valmont Stairs


The Puddle Photo: ShotWilliams

This is one of my favorite venues. I did my first race here back in Dec of 2004 in a complete blizzard, so it holds a special place in my CX history. The course was very familiar but with the added bonus of very deep 150' long puddle going by the pits. The field was small but strong as ever. I had a good start and was right with the lead group hitting the dirt. My focus this week was on riding well and maintaining momentum. Our lead group of 5 established a bit of a gap. I was sitting in 5th and started to get gapped. I didn't put in the dig that I needed to on the paved hill on the 3rd lap and I lost the group (something to work on!). I maintained 5th for the rest race and was generally happy with how I felt/rode.