CX of the North

This last weekend was a new experience for me, 3 days of CX racing! The event was held at The Ranch in Loveland and was truly well done. The amount of work put into the course, planning and overall involvement was some of the highest quality I've ever seen. Each day we raced on a slightly altered course and the changes definitely impacted the flow of the race.

Earlier in the week we had received pretty heavy rainfall so I was anticipating some fun "crossy" conditions. The mud at this venue has received a reputation for being particularly sticky. Think instant adobe on your drivetrain. 

We arrived about 5:00 on Friday to get ready for that evenings race. Racing under the lights is always a cool experience and I was really looking forward to this. The course was well lit and we even had a delay because one of the light towers had blown out and they were driving cars out to shine their headlights! The promoters were on it! The course had dried out a bit during the day and provided lots of tacky mud for awesome corning and a nice mudpit by the pits. The entire night was full of cheering, smiling and just enjoying the moment. I even yelled at Carl as I went by the pits, "this is so fun"! Definitely one of my favorite races.


Saturday started out foggy. We arrived at the venue around 7 to get ready for Nick's race (our son). The course was muddy from the moisture but by the time my race came around had dried out quite a bit. I had a decent warmup but had a bad start. I tried to battle my way up a bit but just didn't have much. I raced as hard as I could and was fairly satisfied with the out come.

Our "home" for the weekend. ©JimHeuck

Day 3...New territory. Again we got to the venue early for Nick's race. The course wasn't as wet as Sat. but the area by the pit was still muddy. I really wasn't sure what to expect of this race but it turned out pretty ok. I had a better start and even moved up a few places. I am really happy with how I rode most of the technical stuff and the power sections. I felt way better then expected so all in all it was a good day.

Racing with Ashley Zoerner, one of my fav juniors.

Big kudos to the entire 1st City Mortgage team. You have raised the bar and created a very fun festival atmosphere with this event. Let's do it again next year!

Mud! ©GreenCurryPhotography