Zero Gravel CX

As you may have heard, things have been a bit…wet in Colorado this past week. Depending on what you read, we had either a 100 year or 500 year flood event and many communities sustained heavy damage, with numerous homes destroyed. Our area, about 10 miles east of Boulder, was only minimally impacted, but we have quite a few friends that are facing real challenges in the coming days and weeks. Fortunately, none of our team was significantly affected.

The race for Saturday was held further south than the worst of the flooding, so was still on. It was billed as having ‘Zero Gravel’, which was almost true, as there was only about a 6’ section. The ground was saturated with water, so Kristal’s 9am race was pretty muddy. The course was fun—twisty with short, punchy climbs and the soft ground required serious power and effort. She finished 6th in a strong field. Her technical skills look to be intact and the form is coming on.

The sun came out mid morning, so the course got progressively drier and faster throughout the day. Rob Gilbert kicked off his season, joining Carl in the SM45+ race. Carl got a front row callup and had a good start, exiting the pavement in about 3rd wheel. He paid for that effort, though, and drifted way back in the field during the first lap. He and Rob ended up together, working their way back forward through the field (other than a brief stop by Rob for a dropped chain), finishing mid pack.

Overall, we felt better about this week’s races than last week, so the trend is headed the right way! This week’s races are on at the famous Valmont Bike Park in Boulder and the Lookout Course in Golden.

A few photos are posted on our photo page.  

Sponsor Spotlight: Foxtrot Wheel & Edge

We have started working with Foxtrot this season and JD and Dana are awesome! Although they do carry limited inventory of bikes, this is a service oriented shop and they excel in that area.

They are friendly, knowledgeable and fast. I hung out there for an hour recently and it was inspiring watching JD interact with the constant stream of customers coming through the door—racers, families, commuters, kids—he gave them all his undivided attention. He made numerous adjustments for free to help them enjoy their rides more. He offered advice on parts, but never seemed to be trying to sell them anything. For a few bikes that needed minor work, he promised to have them ready for  pickup in an hour! You just don’t see friendly service like that anymore.

They are EXACTLY the kind of company our team wants to work with, and the type of shop we should all support.