And So It Begins—COCX 2013/14!

This past weekend saw the start of the cross season in Colorado with Cross of the North in Ft Collins. As with last year, Saturday was a cx time trial to establish call ups for Sunday’s race. The events were held at the former USGP course south of town, and since they were targeting ~15 minutes for the CXTT course, they had to head into plenty of ground that was previously unused. This made for a bumpy, loose course that challenged everyone. Mountain bikes were the best choice for the day, as the fastest overall time was set on a full suspension! Sunday’s course more closely followed previous USGP versions, featuring lots of sustained climbing combined with twisty, loose turns and a flyover. It was a fun course, but definitely hard, especially this early in the season!

Carl, Kristal, Bard, and Errin all raced both days, with Errin taking the top results both days with a win in the SW4’s on Saturday and a 4th place Sunday.  It was a lot of fun to hang out both days, as we had the tent there and enjoyed seeing our extended COCX family again. Between having the tent for shade and a 5-gallon cooler of ice cold Fluid Performance, we were definitely a favored hangout in the nearly 100 degree heat!

Visit our photos page for a few shots from this weekend! 

Sponsor Spotlight: Fluid Nutrition

We’ve been working with Rich and the team at Fluid since we started the team two years ago. They are great people and their products really work well for us. Their products are simple and clean with no unnecessary ingredients and real science behind them. From their site:

“Fluid Performance is an energizing blend of electrolytes and carbohydrates for sustained energy and optimal hydration during exercise. When used consistently during training & competition, its unique formula helps the body sustain energy levels, avoid cramping, buffer lactic acid, & maintain hydration. It contains a dual source carbohydrate system, bioavailable electrolytes, and Vitamin C, creating an all natural & easy to digest sports drink.”

We drink Performance before races to stay hydrated and maintain energy levels. It has a light, not too sweet taste, and isn’t sticky. After a race or training session, we go straight to the Fluid Recovery:

“Fluid Recovery is a protein and glutamine fortified drink for after exercise muscle recovery. When taken immediately following exercise, its unique formula helps the body repair damaged tissue and adapt to the demands of exercise training. It contains carbohydrates, proteins, L-glutamine, electrolytes, and Vitamin C, creating a comprehensive & natural formula for muscle repair, regeneration, and recovery.”

It isn’t chalky or syrupy like most recovery drinks, so we don’t dread drinking it. In fact, maybe the best recommendation is that we both drank it even after our final races the past two seasons—when there was no need at all to worry about recovery!

We highly recommend you visit their site, it is full of good sports science information. Check out their ‘School’ area for an education, and in ‘Social’, go to July for an interview with Kristal!

Fluid products are available locally at Foxtrot Wheel and Edge in Lafayette, Big Ring Cycles in Golden, and Fleet Feet stores.