Interlocken and BSV Cup

Rob’s Report: I’m still wiped from a busy a weekend on the cross circuit, including two races and volunteering with course set-up at the Blue Sky Cup race.  I finally notched a win in 45+,4 on Saturday at Interlocken, a course that uniquely suits riders with good fitness but marginal cross skills.  Featuring long straight grass sections, a rarity in Colorado, I really tried to take advantage of this course.

Sunday was a different story.  This was my first back-to-back racing weekend in years, and my legs were not having it.  The Xilinx course always demands a good mix of cross skills and power, which I had none of on Sunday.  I did manage a 4th in 45+,4, which puts me close to an upgrade, so there goes my hard earned call-up for the season.

The week before in Fort Collins at the Smart Wool Cup USGP race, the course conditions seemed favorable for me during course preview lap, but then came the rain.  A pile up in the first turn alerted me to the fact that the mud had turned to grease and I would have to demonstrate some good bike handling just to avoid crashing.  This was not to be on the first lap, as I went down on a slick hairpin turn, and things didn’t get much better from there.

After two laps of slipping and sliding all over the place, I decided I would try a bike change.  My wife had agreed to work the pit for me, although I had never told her what to do in case I needed to switch bikes.  I yelled at her to lower the tire pressure on my pit bike, knowing that it must have sounded like gibberish, but she somehow understood and managed to execute the exchange like a pro.  I settled in a bit after that and rode a little better, but not much faster, for the remainder of a tough but fun day of cross.

This weekend brings more high-level racing with the Colorado Cross Cup and Boulder Cup, and the weather forecast for snow on Wednesday night and Thursday should add another variable into the always unpredictable cross equation.  Hopefully my legs will able to handle the two race weekend a little better, but either way, it promises to be an exciting couple of days of cyclocross.

Kristal’s Report: “Sweet and Sour”…

Or more appropriately “Sour and Sweet”. Saturday’s race at Interlocken is always a tough power course but beyond that I just had nothing. I hadn’t been feeling well all day but pushed it to the back of my mind not wanting to give myself an excuse. As the race went on it was very clear to me that the best thing I could do was maintain my position and just finish. I was very happy to have pushed through the yucky feeling I had, but pretty bummed about the result. I even woke up at 2:30 am (that magic hour when everything seems like a much bigger deal than it is) and was agonizing over the race and season in general. Fortunately, I had to get up at 4:30 so that didn’t leave me too much time to worry!

Sunday was a busy day. We arrived at the venue in the dark and I worked registration from 6-11. Eventually it was time to suit up for racing. The course was dusty, loose and twisty with some good power sections. I didn’t have a great start but started moving up through the field. The final lap came down to me and Melissa Barker. I tried to get a gap in the technical sections, knowing that she is a strong sprinter, but we came to the final pavement together. She outsprinted me to nab 2nd, but after Saturday’s race I was very happy with my finish and race overall.

Looking forward to this weekend!

Carl’s Report:

From a racing standpoint, my report is pretty lame (pun intended) this week. I tweaked my hip on Friday, and when I rode at lunch to try to loosen it up, it went from hurting a little bit occasionally to hurting most the time. So, knowing that next weekend is important races and not wanting it to turn into a lingering injury, I decided to skip this weekend’s races.

However, that did allow me to fully enjoy spectating, including cheering Rob on in his victory Saturday. It was a great ride, and what he didn’t mention is that he beat 2nd place by over a minute! Yep, guess he’ll be a Cat 3 pretty soon!

Sunday was the BSV Cup, which we always help put on, so that meant that we were out there at 6am helping to finalize the course. We also had a tent there, handing out samples of Fluid Performance, which was quite popular. Another of our great sponsors, FRS, came out as well, and handed out countless bottle of their drinks. Overall a successful day, although it burned a little not getting to race.

This weekend are the UCI races, Colorado CX Classic and Boulder Cup. These are big time races, with many of the national riders coming in for them. Prize purse inequity between Men and Women is always a hot topic, so we decided to do something about it for these races. We are giving $20/rider in the Women’s Elite Race to the prize purse. Our good friend, Paul McCarthy of CrossPropz fame has also generously donated $500 to the Boulder Cup purse. We are proud that two of the smallest cx teams in the state are taking a leadership role towards trying to solve the problem, rather than just complaining. We hope that others will follow suit and help out—either through donations or finding additional sponsors.