Rob's Update

Following my plan to race sparingly this spring and summer, I have only raced three times since the Sunshine Hill climb: two triathlons and one hill climb.  The Boulder Peak Triathlon went about as expected.  Felt good on the bike, which translated to mediocre bike split for some reason.  I could only manage 13th in my age group, giving up significant time on the swim and transitions, but overall a good day. Next was the Lookout Mountain Hill Climb on August 4th.  Aided by the super light American Classic 58’s, I trimmed my roadie down to 17 pounds from its usual 18.5, and could really feel the difference in acceleration from the carbon wheels versus my standard aluminum wheels.  I stuck to the back of the lead group until about a mile to go, ending up in 20:08, good for 9th place in 35+,3 and my second best time up that climb.

Next up was the Steamboat Springs Olympic Distance at Lake Catamount, my final triathlon of my two race season, which features a very fun bike course with rolling terrain and great pavement.  Based on my power meter, I had a slightly better bike leg than at the Boulder Peak, despite having trouble settling in on the TT bike.

Cross season is rapidly approaching, so I am trying to get some off-road rides in, as well as get my gear ready for cross, which is a sport in itself.  Next race for me is looking like the cross race in the Colorado Springs on September 8th, ready or not.