Loaded for Brrrr!

Van is loaded and we're ready for the drive to Madison!  Total in the van is 4 bikes, 13 wheels, work stand, pressure washer, various tools and clothing, and 2 very eager riders.

Carl's Mom is taking care of Nick and Cate for us while we're gone.  We plan to make it most the way today, then arrive mid day tomorrow so that we have time to check in then head to the course to preride.

Carl races in the non-Championship 'B' race (which is basically a way to get to preview the course at race speed) Wednesday, then has the real thing Saturday morning. Kristal's race is on Friday.  We both seem to be at the tail end of the colds we've had and we're really motivated!  We'll keep you posted throughout the week.

Thanks again for reading, and especially to our sponsors for their support that has made this all possible!