Parker and Broomfield

This weekend offered a variety in commutes to races.  Saturday was in Parker, about an hour from our house, while Sunday's race was in Broomfield, only about 6 miles away.  However, both courses had a few things in common--a good mix of twisty technical sections with faster road portions, and high winds!  Oh yeah, one other thing they shared--Kristal crushed both days! Nick's report:

Nick had a good start as always.  His field had 7 riders, and he did a great job of battling through the steep runups and twisty sections in Saturday's race.  In the end, he finished 4th for one of his better spots of the year.

Sunday's race saw Nick get a great start up the paved straight.  He did really well in the technical portions, but had a tough time with the thick grass sections and the high winds, eventually finishing 10th out of 11.

Carl's Report:

I knew Saturday would be a small field, with the distance from Boulder (racers here tend to not travel well).  17 guys were there, but it was a solid group.  I managed to get a front row start, and was able to hold decent position most the way up the start andI was in a good place heading into the technical backside of the course.  Unfortunately, I didn't seem to ride the twisty stuff as well as I usually do, and lost a few spots.  As the race wore on, I drifted back a little further (think I had too long a warm up).  I ended up 12th, but feel like it should have been better.

Sunday's race was on a fun, technical course, coupled with really high winds that actually blew us around the course at times. I got a great start and was in the top 8 after the first section. I was feeling really solid and moving up in the field when I rolled a tubular tire.  I was able to dismount and roll it back onto the rim, and then was able to gingerly ride most of the lap back to the pits to change bikes. Unfortunately, I had lost quite a few places by then, and wasn't able to battle back, finally coming across in 15th. I'm happy with how I felt, but a little bummed about the luck.  Oh well, on to next week!


Kristal's Report:

It was a very good weekend of racing…double wins in the Women's Open! This is a first for me. I'm in a bit of disbelief. The best part was that both days offered me a chance to really battle it out with tough competitors. On saturday I was in a group of 3 that sorted itself out to 2, Sonya Looney and me. We stayed pretty close to each other exchanging leads at various points. Due to the brisk wind, I tried to be strategic about when to attack, fortunately it paid off and i was able to put in a final attack that stuck until the end. I really enjoyed the course and hope more Boulder racers visit it next season.

Sunday, even before the race started I managed to maim my leg with my pit bike as the wind blew it into my leg and the chainring left a pretty good gash. So I showed up on the start line with blood running down my leg. Way to psych out the competition! I had a very mediocre start and was sitting about 7ish. I could see 3 girls go off the front with a good gap and got pretty worried knowing that they are strong girls. Fortunately I had good legs and started working with a few other girls before soloing up to make the bridge. I then found myself with the front girls in a group of 4. The group was whittled down to 2 of us, Karen Hogan and me, with Margell Abel chasing HARD! Then it played out similarly to Sat where we exchanged attacks and I tried to ride smart while battling the wind that was blowing even harder then Sat. I put in what I hoped was a final attack on the last lap and was able to hold the gap for the victory. Whew! I'm really happy with my form right now. I'll race next weekend, take a break over the Thanksgiving weekend, then ramp it back up for January.

Thanks for reading.