RapidRacing Service Course!

As many of you know, the 'service course' is the mechanical support headquarters of a cycling team.  In recent months, we've been treated to glimpses inside the facilities of many top level teams, such as Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld, Specialized, and even MMRacing.  We felt we owed it to everyone to offer you a peek inside the world famous RapidRacing Service Course! As you can see in the photo, our mechanics work away in a luxurious, dimly lit, uninsulated space taking up most of the third bay of our garage.  Fortunately, 'cross season only extends through January, because it gets quite cold in the dead of winter as the staff turns its collective attention to maintaining skis.  The facility is stocked with one of the best collections of second hand and gifted tools anywhere in East Boulder County.  As is obvious in this photo, the level of organization is impeccable, and if there was more than one head mechanic working in this space, the chances of finding any particular tool or spare part would be reduced to almost nil.

The sharp eye will notice a pole saw, a broken vacuum cleaner, and a child's bike--too small for Nick, too large for Cate, patiently waiting its chance to get in the game.  The space currently contains around 20 bikes at any given time, 4 of which are for sale (let us know if you have a need!): 5 cx bikes, 3 road bikes, 4 mtn bikes, 2 cruisers, and various sizes and types of children's bikes.  Periodically, neighbor's or friend's bikes stop by for a repair as well.

As the season passes the mid point and heads into colder conditions and parts wear out, Carl will invariably be spending an increasing amount of time out here in the evenings, sealing or regluing tubulars, replacing broken parts, and tuning bikes in a desperate attempt to find an edge.  Fortunately, we also have an outstanding shop sponsor in Boulder Cyclesport for anything beyond his meager abilities.  We hope you've enjoyed your brief tour of this cycling mecca...eat your heart out Stu Thorne!