Boulder Racing #2 Xilinx

The second race of the Boulder Racing series brought us to Xilinx, an often used venue on the campus of a very cycling friendly tech company.  Given the proximity to Boulder, we knew the turnout would be big today, and the weather was beautiful.  The course is a mix of pavement along with twisty singletrack that tends toward either loose and dusty or bumpy.  It had two pairs of barriers, along with one downed tree that was rideable if you came in clean and could pick your line, but required a dismount if you were either in a crowd or for the juniors on their smaller bikes.

Nick's Race

In contrast to last Sunday, the JM 8-9 race had a great field of 16 riders.  In fact, all of the Junior fields were large, which is awesome to see and a great sign for the future of racing.  Nick got a solid start from his second row callup, and was toward the front of the pack heading up the paved start straight.  He rode really well the entire race, other than tangling up at one point his front wheel with another boy's hub, which brought them both to a stop.  Later, we found that this incident had broken a spoke, but fortunately, his wheels are pretty overbuilt, so he was able to finish the race with no problem.  Nick rode a strong and determined race, ending up in 9th, and he was perfectly happy with that!

Carl's Race

With the new Crossresults callup system, I was able to slot in on the 3rd row in my field of 35 riders, and was happy with my spot behind some fast wheels.  Unfortunately, a rider crossed the course right at our start, so we jumped, then had to stop, then while many of us were expecting a restart, the field surged away and took off.  Having had to unclip, I was left literally flat footed as the field rode off, leaving me dead last.  That fired me up and I charged off in pursuit.  I clawed back a few spots before we left the pavement, then dismounted and ran past some more riders who were clogged up waiting to ride over the downed log.  Hard, aggressive riding for three laps brought me to the upper half of the field, but then the tank was empty.  I drifted backwards for the final two laps, finally rolling across the line in 26th.  Given the issue at the start, I was satisfied with that, since I believe like I could have been top 15 if things had gone 'normally'.  I feel like I'm ahead of where I usually am at this point in the season, and looking forward to more!

Kristal's Race

I figured today would be a true test of my fitness thus far since Xilinx usually brings out lots of racers and I wasn't disappointed with our women's field sporting 20+ racers! I had a great start, sitting about 5ish up the long paved hill. It turned out to be perfect as the front girl went into the tape at the first turn taking down the girl behind her as well. Before I knew it I found myself sitting 3rd, then 2nd, then leading! I led for about a lap before Alison Powers, a local pro, came by. I hung with her as long as I could but she eventually gapped me on the long power sections. Margell Abel and I formed a 2 person chase group trading back and forth. Eventually she gapped me on the long paved hill (I know this power/cardio will come as I train more) and I couldn't quite close it. I finished 3rd and was really, really happy with how I raced, felt and battled.

Now it's Sunday and since today's raced was canceled we are enjoying a mellow morning with a training ride for each Carl and I (doing the trade-off thang).

Thanks for reading!