Cross at the River

We had originally decided to skip this race because of the long drive, but after a tough week (Kristal arrived home from Interbike at 11pm Friday), we just weren't fired up for racing Saturday morning.  After some thought and a look outside at the weather, we opted to find lodging and head for the mountains.  We found a place in Salida, packed up, and rolled out Saturday afternoon.

Sunday dawned clear and cool--a perfect Fall morning in Colorado!  The race director, Doug Robison, has become a good friend over the years and we were happy to be there to support his efforts.

Nick's Report:

Nick did a warm up lap with Carl to check out the course, then rolled up for his 8:30 start.  He was the only one in the Jr 8-9 category, so they started him with the three kids in the 10-12 race.  This was Nick's first race on his new cross bike, so he was excited to break it in.  When the whistle blew, he jumped off the line, and held second wheel the whole way up the start stretch.  The course was twisty and sandy in places, with a long stair run up that was hard enough for adults, much less the kids!

Nick did a great job of pushing and battling the whole way, and ended up finishing 3rd in the field overall (and of course 1st in his category!).  He was really excited to win a race, but by the afternoon was saying "I wish there were more kids, so I could have really tested out my new bike".  Next weekend, buddy!

Carl's Report:

After my rough outing last Sunday, I was looking for redemption. I felt really good on my warm up laps and was excited at the start.  We had a small field, but some of the usual fast guys were there, so I knew it would be a tough race.  I got a good jump, and was 4th on the first lap.  I ended up trading places around with some other riders during the race, but eventually settled into a solid 4th that I managed to hold all the way to the line.

I was psyched, since this was my best finish ever in a 35+ Open race, notoriously one of the hardest categories in Colorado.  I felt like my technical skills through the turns and loose sections gained me places, while I came up a little short on the flat out fast sections and run ups.  I know the conditioning for the speed will come as the season progresses, so am happy to have the skills already on form.

Kristal's Report:

I was at Interbike for 3 days where I had the opportunity to meet and catch up with our sponsors from American Classic, Vredestein and FRS. Consequently I got home late Friday but I'm really happy we decided to head down to BV. The scenery was beautiful with early fall colors and the course was super fun…fast, curvy, and had COBBLESTONES!

My field was small but the girls who were there are fast. It wasn't going to be a day to "just ride around". I felt really good on the corners and even over the little bunny hop ditch…no brakes just looked past it. I ended up battling out for 2nd and was very happy with my race.

Sometimes being flexible creates little surprises for the weekend. I'm so happy we took the time for a little family get-a-way.

For more photos from the weekend visit our Facebook page: "Rapid Racing Cycling Team"

Thanks for reading.