WP Vally Point to Point and Crankworx XC

The last few races have been getting better and better! Yay!

At this point it's hard to remember the specifics of  the Vally Point to Point, but I do remember having fun, playing in the mud and getting to spend a couple hours on my bike. (did I mention the mud!?)

Last Sunday was the Crankworx CX race in Winter Park. It started in Fraser and finished at the base of Winter Park. My fitness feels like it's starting to come around so I was looking forward to a good day. The course started out with 1500' of climbing in a 5 mile loop, then made it's way back to WP, for a total of about 25 miles. Overall, I felt good, pushed the pace, descended well and placed 3rd in my category for my first XC podium of year! Not a bad day at all.

In other news, our team kit will be arriving this weekend. We are beyond excited to see it and wear it! No more incognito cycling wear.

Enjoy your day. kb



This was the race where I finally felt like I started to come around on fitness.  Due to the rookie mistake of not double checking the start times (they're the same for all the other WP races), I didn't realize I started almost an hour after Kristal instead of the usual 15 minutes.  This meant that my warm up was pretty much gone by the time they said 'go!', but I wasn't alone.

I paced myself fairly well up the starting climb, picking off other riders starting at about halfway.  Overall, I continued to slowly pass more than I was passed throughout the race.  I felt better on the climbs and fantastic on the descents.  This was my third race on the Carbon FS and I finally felt like I was using the full suspension.  I was flying past people!

In the end, I rolled in 19th, and was perfectly satisfied with that.  It was a tough course and a tough field, and I feel like I'm moving in the right direction.

Thanks for reading.