WP XC Super Loop

Photo: Mountain Moon PhotographySo can this count as the SECOND first race of the year?  This race was tough!  That was partly due to the fact that it was announced as an 18 mile course, but actually turned out to be just over 23 miles.  That extra 5 miles, including lots of climbing, translated to an additional 45 minutes in the saddle. From a technical standpoint, I felt like I rode well.  My new Blue FS Carbon really performed.  Having always ridden a hardtail, it was great being able to fly into rock gardens and root sections knowing I wouldn't get bucked all over the trail.  But, since our training at this point is lots of base, sustaining a fairly high intensity effort for over two hours was a challenge.  We were both shattered (and pretty dehydrated) after the race!

I rolled in 28th overall, and am currently sitting in 16th place in the series.  No specific goals for these races, other than getting in some good, hard training, so I'm generally satisfied with the results.  Of course, I'd prefer to be higher up there, but if I was flying right now, I'd be flat and burned out by December and January when it really matters!

Thanks for reading.